The Desire to dance is all that you need

Don't worry about the end result. If you have the desire to dance, come in and see us. We'll happily help you achieve your goal, and it will be easier,
and more fun then you ever thought imaginable.

Private Lessons


Receive one on one (or two) professional instruction to take your first steps into the world of partner dancing, or perhaps take your dancing to new heights you never imagined possible.
Private Lessons are 40 minutes in duration, and are booked by appointment in order to best fit your schedule.

Beginner Video Group Class


A great introduction into partner dancing. Receive three (3) video lessons per month covering a wide variety of dance patterns and tips to help you on your way to being a confident, stylish dancer.
At the end of the month come into the studio for a live review class, just to make sure you're on the right track. Can't make it to the review class?  No problem, you'll receive a video of that class as well.

Advanced Video Group Class


The best supplement to your private lessons when working on advanced material. Our Advanced classes keep you focused and ensure you're practicing the most effective exercises, the right way.
Maximize your time on your private lessons by making these classes part of your routine. 
Receive three (3) video lessons per month covering a variety of topics in the same dance (dances change monthly), and at the end of the month come into the studio for a live review class to ensure you understood all the material and are practicing properly.

Custom Wedding Choreography

Dance & Instructional Video

Getting married is an exciting time in your life, however it’s also a busy time. Don’t let your busy schedule prevent you from preparing for one of the most memorable and traditional parts of the evening, your ‘First Dance’!
After you purchase the wedding dance package we will contact you with a few basic questions that will help us custom make your perfect first dance. We will then get to choreographing and recording your dance along with all supporting professional level dance instruction to ensure your first dance will be flawless.

As for the grooms, whether it’s golf, building a desk or learning to dance, a little instruction goes a long way. We’re not here to make you a professional level dancer over night, or to get you to do anything you’re not comfortable with. We’re just here to provide you with a little guidance and coaching to make sure you look comfortable and at ease dancing your first dance with your new bride.