The rhythm is going to get you.....

We offer a variety of classes to suit your needs.

Private Lessons

Receive one on one (or two) professional instruction to take your first steps into the world of partner dancing, or perhaps take your dancing to new heights you never imagined possible.
Private Lessons are 40 minutes in duration, and are booked by appointment in order to best fit your schedule.

Video Classes

Whether Beginner or Advanced we have a video series class for you. Receive three (3) twenty minute videos a month (one delivered via email each week for the first 3 weeks of the month). At the end of the month come on in and join us for a live review class where we can address your questions and clarify important points you may have missed.
A great way to work on your dancing right from your own home!

Coaching Lessons

If you already have an instructor and just need a little additional training or choreography, we're the place for you. In 2014 Derek Pasqualetto choreographed over half of all the performances for the Dancing with the Omaha Stars charity event which was attended by over three thousand Omaha residents. Whether you need coaching or choreography for a show, competition or just for fun, we can handle it.

Wedding Choreography

We’re honored that you’re considering us for such an important part of your wedding. Not only will we do everything possible to make sure your first dance is everything you dreamed of, we will make sure you feel comfortable and have fun every step of the way.

Whether you decided to come to the studio for one on one lessons or purchase the video wedding package and learn from home, we’ll be with you every step of the way!